Universidad Madero (UMAD) offers online programs in Spanish

Madero Methodist, the Methodist university in Puebla, Mexico, is offering programs that can be completed 100% online as part of its Virtual Campus and Continuous Education Programs. The university is offering Certificates (Diplomados) “Business Processes Using SAP Tools [Procesos de Negocios utilizando herramientas SAP] and “Teaching Skills” [Competencias Docentes] as well Master’s (Maestrías) in “Online Management and Business” [Administración y Dirección de Negocios Online], “Administration and Entrepeneurial Projects Online” [Administración y Proyectos Empresiales Online], “Image and Public Relations Online” [Imagen y Relacciones Públicas Online], and “Cognitive Development Online” [Desarrollo Cognitivo Online]. The Master’s programs have a duration of 18 to 20 months while the Certificate programs are between 100 and 120 hours. For more information, contact UMAD’s Virtual Campus

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