Planning for the IAMSCU Conference (Gothenburg, Sweden, 2022)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the postponement of various events, activities, and General Conferences of members churches of the World Methodist Council to 2021, the WMC decided to postpone its Conference – originally planned for 2021 – to 2022. IAMSCU is planning its conference to be held in conjunction with the WMC, it has adapted its calendar and scheduled the IAMSCU Conference for August 7-10, 2022 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Two committees have been appointed by the IAMSCU President to work on preparing this conference: The global organization committee and the local organization committee (with members from Scandinavia). The two committees have been working together, will report to the IAMSCU Board of Directors at its meeting in February 2021, and will issue a call for papers soon.

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