IASMCU Board of Directors discusses COVID-19 Vaccination Process!

At its annual meeting on February 2, the IAMSCU Board of Directors discussed the need to engage the institutions affiliated to the association in a discussion about the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination. The international board considered as very positive news that new vaccines have been developed, passed efficacy trials, and are now being distributed, overcoming important logistical obstacles and expanding accessibility to vulnerable populations. The global pandemic has had a devastating impact on the campuses of educational institutions worldwide and, therefore, the news of early successes in the vaccination campaign in many countries was welcomed as great news by the leaders of schools, colleges, theological seminaries, and universities members of IAMSCU. Yet, representatives from the Global South called the attention upon the uneven accessibility and distribution of the vaccine, especially in Africa, South Asia, and parts of Latin America. The IAMSCU President, Tom Wolfe, asked the members of the Board of Directors to reflect on the following question: How is the COVID-19 vaccination happening in your context and how can Methodist institutions support this process? After group discussions and reports on how the vaccination process is happening worldwide, Dr. Wolfe challenged IAMSCU members to become involved in a worldwide campaign promoting the wider production, affordability, allocation, and distribution of the vaccine. In his view, the campuses of Methodist-related institutions could become central in this effort. The association will immediately start working with partners in order to promote awareness about this situation. One of the initial ideas is to an international discussion on this subject, involving experts in public health, human rights, education, and other areas.

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