Conference on “300 Years of John Wesley’s matriculation at the University of Oxford” in England

(June 17-20, 2020)

In partnership with IAMSCU and other associations working on Methodist education worldwide, the Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church History is organizing an important conference to celebrate 300 years of John Wesley’s matriculation as a student at the University of Oxford in England. This is a very important moment to be celebrated in the Wesleyan and Methodist traditions because education is in the Methodist DNA. In fact, Methodism was born in a university setting.

Born on June 17, 1703, John Wesley was elected a scholar of Christ Church, Oxford on 24 June 1720. He was creator of the Holy Club at the University of Oxford, leader of the Methodist movement, promoter of Sunday Schools and founder of Kingswood School, and writer or editor of some 400 works aimed at educating the people called Methodists and members of his Methodist “connexion.” John Wesley sought to educate those in less privileged positions. Wherever Methodism has spread, it has instituted educational initiatives, schools, colleges, theological seminaries, and universities.

This conference is aimed at academics engaged in research, faculty and teachers as well as ministers and lay people interested in history, education, and other forms of intersection between church ministry and societal issues. At a time of rapid change today, this conference, marking the tercentenary of John Wesley’s matriculation at Oxford, will address key themes affecting Church, Academy and World in Methodism and education then, now and ahead, exploring values and principles which Wesley and early Methodists developed. For more information, contact Peter Forsaith ( or the IAMSCU office (

View the full program here

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