ALAIME celebrates the “Day of Methodist Education in Latin America”

The Latin American Association of Methodist Educational Institutions [Asociación Latinoamericana de Instituciones Metodistas de Educación] (ALAIME) celebrated the “The Day of Methodist Education in Latin America” on February 9, 2021. This was the day of the founding of the first Methodist school in Latin America: Madero Institute, established on February 9, 1874 in Pueba, Mexico. 

After research on the history of several Methodist institutions in Latin America, ALAIME decided to honor the Madero Institute, approving to establish this commemorative day in 2004, when the school was celebrating 130 years of existence. Since then, ALAIME celebrates this day every year!

In her message to all members of the association, ALAIME’s President, María Luisa Cuachayo Lozano (who is, coincidentally, the Principal of the Madero Institute in Puebla, the first school which is still in operation) stated: “Methodist Education is committed to building the Kingdom of God, of love, justice, and peace. Because Methodist Education offers us the opportunity to contribute to liberation and emancipation, the transformation of the mind and heart, the formation of the integral human being, we await for tomorrow with hope.” 

Watch the video with her full message (in Spanish) HERE []

For more details on ALAIME, visit their website:

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