A new network emerges in Latin America

The Latin American Network of Methodist Theological Institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean [Red the Instituciones Teológicas Metodistas en América Latina y el Caribe] (REDIME) has been established, after a long process that started during the IAMSCU Conference 2017 in Mexico. After a series of meetings throughout the years, and the involvement of scholars, episcopal leaders, faculty members, and students, this new network has been formalized and is already promoting a series of events. In November, REDIME is promoting two online events which are bringing together hundreds of participants from the whole Americas (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, United States, and other countries). The first event is a conference on “Reading the Bible in Latin America Today” and the other is a conference on “Practical Theology.” Justo Gonzalez, Elsa Tamez, Pablo Andiñach, are among the renowned Latin American theologians serving as speakers for these events.

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